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All the visitors from outside of Romania are invited to ask some informations here. In this section all the discussions are made in english for our visitors.

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Mesaj de _T@V_ » 02 Mai 2006, 09:21

If you have more players like Baird in Australia, let us know. :)( We need them here.


Mesaj de JustME » 02 Mai 2006, 10:49

T@V scrie:If you have more players like Baird in Australia, let us know. :)( We need them here.
o: right on !!we could use another Baird or Josh Mitchell !!

p.s. unfortunately Mitchell is suspended in the next match against petrolu` ploiesti !!

Codul lui DaVinci

Mesaj de Codul lui DaVinci » 06 Mai 2006, 15:45

Petrolul Ploiesti - Universitatea Craiova 0-1

Michael Baird scored again. He did another shot right in the cross bar. You can see the goal here. Probably he will be elected the man of the game again. o:


Mesaj de JustME » 06 Mai 2006, 15:47

nice goal .. thx Baird !! o:


Mesaj de go4goal » 07 Mai 2006, 11:22

Great news - Baird has been lucky to be on the end of some good crosses :D

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Mesaj de bogdan3006 » 07 Mai 2006, 14:49

Go Bairdy Go!!! He deserve to play for Australian national team. Can you tell us if he have any opportunity to play at CM?


Mesaj de DoRyN » 07 Mai 2006, 18:44


Ploiesti, 6 may 2006, Petrolul Ploiesti - Universitatea Craiova: 0-1

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Mesaj de baggio » 07 Mai 2006, 19:02

Great picture!
Suntem legaţi de familii, legaţi de pământ
Olteni legaţi până la moarte de alb-albastrul sfânt!


Bairdy in World Cup

Mesaj de Bairdy_Fan » 08 Mai 2006, 03:15

I doubt it - It is too late for this year. The Australian team is announced this month and he wouldn't be able to play for Craiova if he was selected until after the world cup and we don't want that!

If he keeps scoring goals he could play for Australia in the Asian Cup which is the same as Euro 2008.


Mesaj de ozzy » 08 Mai 2006, 08:56

Who are Australia forwards? I only know Viduka, great player :D


Mesaj de go4goal » 08 Mai 2006, 09:42

Harry Kewell (Leeds ) and Scott Chipperfield


Mesaj de ozzy » 08 Mai 2006, 09:49

Of course...I forgot about Kewell. But isn't he playing for Liverpool?


Mesaj de go4goal » 08 Mai 2006, 15:22

Ozzy,I think you are right - he does play for Liverpool.


Mesaj de go4goal » 15 Mai 2006, 11:20

Any reports on the last game?


Mesaj de FreakBoy » 15 Mai 2006, 11:23

go4goal scrie:Any reports on the last game?
We`ve lost 1-0 at Otopeni. The team played it cool. In the next game, against FC Sibiu, we`ll win and go in divizia A.

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