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Mesaj de go4goal » 09 Iul 2006, 01:51

Where the results posted on Prosport and the 3-1 victory Craiova all pre-season games?
If they were than why did we play a second division team? How did the Aussies perform?


Mesaj de dragos03 » 09 Iul 2006, 02:25

This game was just the first of the pre-season games. More will follow, all against teams from the first league. I guess Fc Caracal was selected for the first game because it's close from Craiova and in order to start with an easy game.

All the Aussies played. Apparently Maguire, Mitchell and Rose played well but Baird and Heath dissapointed. Baird has the excuse that he was tired, after he arrived from Austria just one day before the game. He was substituted at half time.


Mesaj de FreakBoy » 21 Aug 2006, 20:33

A litle clip from the latest game can be watch here!

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