Roar want to resign Baird

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Codul lui DaVinci

Mesaj de Codul lui DaVinci » 11 Iun 2006, 01:11

It will be very hard for Roar to re-sign with Michale Baird. I think they will need to pay 2-3 million dollars to get him back. :-)

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Mesaj de suporteru » 11 Iun 2006, 01:27

thanks for your tips,go4! :-) keep us in touch!
Alb-albastru pentru totdeauna!


Mesaj de JustME » 11 Iun 2006, 01:38

no way !! we need baird :)(

i would be very sorry to see him go !! bairdy is an excelent player ... and i think he likes Craiova and won't leave !!

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Mesaj de nr.zece » 11 Iun 2006, 01:44

life is a bitch :)(
when we take him some people from australia said he is a back-up player, another one said : thi player doesn't have leggs...........
now he have royal blood, and it cost 4-5 millions :)( :)( :)(
mititelu esti o mizerie
EU sunt STUPAR !!!


Mesaj de FreakBoy » 11 Iun 2006, 02:30

Bair saw a lot and din't saw nothin yet...
I'm hardly waiting for he to see what we'll be on the first day of 2006/2007 seson when 40 000 people will cheer his name...

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Mesaj de bogdan3006 » 11 Iun 2006, 03:24

No way!!! Baird is one of the best striker in our team and we need him. So...keep dreaming Roar!!

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